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In the Spirit of the Humboldt Nation

Don’t Treat Your Soil Like Dirt!®  Bring home a bale of our Happy Frog® Soil Conditioner, and your plants will thank you.

In every bag of Happy Frog® Soil Conditioner you’ll find finely-screened aged forest products, earthworm castings, and bat guano, not to mention soil microbes to help increase root efficiency and encourage nutrient uptake. We also add humic acids, which may increase the uptake of important micronutrients.

For additional nutrition, use Happy Frog® Jump Start Fertilizer for all new plantings, or the Happy Frog® fertilizer that’s right for your garden.

How To Use:


  • Add 3 inches (7.5 cm) of Soil Conditioner into vegetable beds every spring.
  • Rejuvenate established plants by working in a little Soil Conditioner around the base of each plant.
  • Water thoroughly.


  • Dig a hole 2-3 times the size of the root ball.
  • Layer Soil Conditioner at the bottom of the new hole.
  • Center transplant in hole at correct height.
  • Pack remaining space around plant with 1/2 native soil and 1/2 Soil Conditioner.
  • Water thoroughly.

Coverage Table:

  • 3 cubic foot bag…………. 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 1 in. deep
  • 27 cubic foot tote……….. 18 ft. x 18 ft. x 1 in. deep
  • 55 cubic foot tote……….. 25.5 ft. x 25.5 ft. x 1 in. deep

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