Evolved Harvest Shot Plot 2-1/2 Lb. 1/2 Acre Forage Rape & Turnip Brassicas Deer Forage

Evolved Harvest

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Shot Plot premium forage brassica. A high-protein forage to supplement, attract and hold your deer. Grows quick. Most palatable and nutritious varieties in the world. Grows over 24 inches tall in 45 days. Once mature, deer will begin devouring Shot Plot as the forage plants surge with growth to replace the consumed leaves. Can be successfully planted in the spring and fall in most areas of the United States and is the perfect annual food plot to attract your deer. 5 pounds plants 1 acre: 43,560 square feet or 48 yards by 100 yards (approximately 1 football field). Available in 2-1/2 pound bags (covers 1/2 acre).

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