Coburn Chemicals Mag® Magnesium Chloride. - 50lb

Coburn Chemicals Mag® Magnesium Chloride. - 50lb

Coburn Chemicals Mag

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MAG ® is environmentally friendlier
On a pound for pound basis, MAG contains approximately...
22% less chlorides than potassium chloride
29% less chlorides than calcium chloride 39% less chlorides than calcium chloride 43% less chlorides than sodium chloride

...while still maintaining its high performance level. The application of MAG results in significantly less chloride runoff and pollution than potassium chloride, calcium chloride and sodium chloride. 

MAG ® is naturally pet friendly
MAG is much less toxic than Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, and Sodium Chloride based on the data provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In fact, a form of MAG is used as a mineral supplement in some farm animal feed stocks.

MAG ® is less irritating to the skin
MAG, unlike Calcium Chloride, is not noticeably exothermic (generates heat) when it comes in contact with moisture. MAG is unlikely to irritate skin or burn the skin when it contacts moist skin surfaces.

MAG ® is safer around vegetation
When used as directed, MAG is safer to use around plants and bushes. In fact, Magnesium Chloride is used as an ingredient in some fertilizers.

MAG ® is less corrosive on metal surfaces
Tests show MAG to be significantly less corrosive than calcium chloride and sodium chloride on steel, tin and aluminum.

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