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Antler King

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This long range attractant features proprietary flavoring and is chock full of critical antler-growing protein and much-needed energy.

  • Enhanced with flavoring that out-attracts deer 2 to 1 versus other attractants
  • Use as a high energy fall attractant in front of your stand or game cameras
  • Use as a high protein supplement to maximize antler growth in spring or summer

END GAME DEER ATTRACTANT, with Red Arrow TV®’s stamp of approval, is the newest attractant in our premium line of Deer Management products.  This cutting edge long range deer attractant combines highly sought after food sources for optimum nutrition and superior attraction utilizing Antler King®’s very own special proprietary flavoring for 2X the attracting power.  This highly nutritious and irresistible deer attractant will allow you to simply “pour out and get ready to hunt”, as deer will be attracted to it’s flavor and aroma.  It can also be an extremely effective tool to help you scout a new or existing property and pattern mature bucks by just pouring End Game Attractant in front of your game cameras.  Not only will End Game attract deer but the 20% protein, 6% Energy content will offer the nutrients necessary to maximize antler growth and body development.  With over 30 years of experience in deer, deer nutrition and deer attraction End Game was designed to provide both a deer attractant in the Fall and Winter and a summertime feed supplement with it’s highly digestable, high protein formula perfect for maximizing body and antler growth and giving your deer the edge they need to pack on the inches heading into Fall.  It’s Science…there are three factors that lead to maximum antler growth…Age, Nutrition and Genetics.  Providing your deer herd the proper nutrition on a 12 month program, is the most manageable of the three factors and will help you grow Bigger Bucks and Healthier Deer on your property.  Use End Game Deer Attractant as that high protein, high energy source all year long!

  • Antler King®’s Special proprietary flavoring for 2X the attracting power
  • Designed to attract deer all year long with an intense flavor and aroma and the Protein and Energy sources deer need and prefer
  • 20% protein and 6% fat for optimum nutrition
  • Research shows that a minimum of 16% protein diet is required for maximum antler and body development
  • Can be added to feed/grain to increase consumption, attraction and nutritional value
  • Game camera friendly and recommended
  • Pour directly on the ground in 2-3 inch strips or in small piles in your hunting area or in front of your game cameras.

End Game Attractant endorsed by RED ARROW TV will attract deer. Check your local game laws for baiting regulations before using.

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