Hemp Bedding

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Aubiose Bedding

Hemp bedding is your new & improved bedding solution for your chickens, horses, & beyond!

Hemp bedding controls the ammonia smell more effectively than straw or shavings by starting to soak up the mess at the base layer of bedding. This also means that the top layer stay dry & warm for your animals! Not only is there less smell when using hemp bedding, but there's also less dust. If you've ever started chicks in a brooder indoors, you know just how dusty they can be- avoid that mess with hemp bedding!

Do you use your manure in your garden? Hemp bedding will save you from composting your manure! Throw your old bedding straight into your garden without worrying about acidifying your soil.

Aubiose is "The Highest Quality Hemp Bedding On The Market, Guaranteed!" produced by generations of expert hemp farmers.

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