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Chestnut, Pear & Persimmon Trees

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Dunstan Chestnuts(TM) are the best and most widely planted chestnut trees in America- they combine the excellent nut quality and tree form with guaranteed blight resistance. Excellent for commercial and backyard orchards, and are the best tree to plant for attracting deer and wildlife.

Late Drop Thanksgiving or Dr Deer Pear (whichever is largest will be shipped) - cold hardy pear with 2-3in fruit that ripens in October - November and holds on tree untill Thanksgiving. Grafted in 3 gallon pots. Self pollinating, however suggested plant 2 for best pollination.

Late Drop Deer Magnet Persimmon - very cold hardy (Zone 5) American Persimmon with 1-1.5 in fruit that ripens 

very late and drops slowly through the fall in October and November. For best pollination Deer Magnet should be planted with Deer Candy at a 1 to 1 ratio. Grafted in 3 gallon pots.

Deer Candy Persimmon - very cold hardy (Zone 5) American Persimmon with 1-1.5 in fruit that ripens

early and drops slowly in September through October. For best pollination Deer Candy should be planted with Deer Magnet at a 1-1 ratio to prolong deer feeding in one location for all fall. Grafted in 3 gallon pots. Available in PA, NJ, Ny (Southern & Central), CT, MA, RI - not available in Norther NY, VT, NH zone due to winter hardiness.  

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