Rare Breed Saturday

April 2023

This is our 3rd Year doing Rare Breed Saturday! These are first come first serve chicks. You can line up in the morning and the Chick Barn Opens promptly at 8am! More rules and information to follow! Breeds available and Chick Order Form listed below!

Rare Breeds for April 15th 8am-2pm

Blue Australorp

Blue Wyandotte

Sicilian Buttercup


Black Maran Sex Link

Crele Penedesenca

Cuckoo Maran

Olive Egger

Lavender Orpington

Blue Red Laced Wyandotte

Salmon Faverolle

White Face Black Spanish (SR)

Blue Cuckoo Maran

Black Copper Maran

Blue Copper Maran

Cream Legbar

Order Chicks and Other Poultry Here: https://form.jotform.com/223565089433158