Chick Days

at The Mill!
January 2022
Monday, January 31, 2022 11:32am - Saturday, August 20, 2022 11:59pm

It's that time of year! Our chick order forms are available!

May 6-7th- chicks, ducklings, goslings, meat chicks, turkeys

May 13-14th- chicks, geese, straight run bantams and polish

June 10-11th- turkeys, guineas

August 19-20th- meat chicks

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Chicks are available on a first come first serve basis. The sooner your order is submitted the more likely you are to get the breeds you want.

--Chicks must be picked up on the dates listed. Birds not picked up by the Saturday of the week you ordered for will be available to the public to purchase the following Tuesday.

--There will be very limited extras this year but we cannot guarantee what they will be.

--Please be prepared to pick up when we call, text or email you. We will contact you between 10am-12pm on the Friday of pick-up and you will have until Saturday at 2pm to pickup your chicks or make other plans with us for your chicks. We will contact you by text and email.

--By law we need to have all the information below (full name, full address and phone number) to sell you chicks. You will not receive your chicks until we have all the information listed.

--There is a section for each delivery date and/or species. PLEASE pay attention to dates!!

--Please DO NOT pay in advance, pay upon pick up! When you arrive to pick up please get your chicks from the chick barn first and then pay in the office.


This year there is a mandatory $10 deposit to submit your form!

This is to make the entire process seemless for you and the store! You will get this credited back to you when you pick up your chicks.

You can still change your order, add or take off chicks an unlimited amount of times up until a week before the order is due to come. If you pick up on time (on the Friday or Saturday the chicks you ordered are due in) you will get this credited to your chick cost. If you do not pick up on time or cancel your order entirely you will not get this deposit back.


Sexing of chicks is done by the hatchery. For chicks ordered as females, they guarantee 80% to be females. There is the chance that you may get a rooster. Chicks marked as "Straight Run" (SR) are males & females together with no guarantee.

**No guarantee is made on live chicks once the chicks leave the store**