The Mill in Germansville 7130 Bake Oven Rd Germansville, PA 18053

Monthly Sales

at the Mill!
January 2023
Sunday, January 1, 2023 12:00am - Sunday, December 31, 2023 11:59pm

Mother's Day Savings!

Check out these upcoming sales! Use the promocode in quotes at checkout to save.

Sales this month include:

$3 off select Vetericyn products (through 6/30)

$1 off Barley's Frosting & Cake Mixes (through 5/31)

$1.50 off Durvet Turn Out Fly Spray (through 6/30)

$1 off Durvet FlyRID Plus Fly Spray (through 6/30)

$1 off Durvet Power Fly Spray (through 6/30)

$3 off Earth Animal No-Hide Large 2 packs (through 5/31)

Dollars off Answers Frozen Dog Foods (through 5/31)

$5 off Austin & Kat No-More Wiggles Formula (through 7/4)

$1 off Barkworthies filled bones (through 5/31)

$1 off Bocce's Bakery Treats (through 5/31)

Dollars off Green JuJu Raw Goat's Milk (through 5/31)

$2 off Primal Long Lasting Unhide Chews (through 5/31)

$1 off Icelandic+ Lamb Horns (through 5/31)

Free Treats with Inception dog food purchase (through 5/31)

$2 off Polkadog Premium Treats (through 5/31)

$2 off Skout's Honor Stain & Odor (through 5/31)

...and more!

*all sales are while supplies last & are subject to change at anytime*

🚨*Only 1 promo code can be used per purchase. Sales with no promo code are products not yet on our website. Feel free to call & purchase your deals over the phone to use them all at once!*🚨